Musical Drill for Forms 2 and Up

Drill (Advanced):

Ball Exercises Forms 2 and Up

This is a form of drill that Mason did in Forms 2-4. They are taken from a book Mason used called Ball Games and Breathing Exercises, by Alice James. They are to be done with waltz music and two small bouncy balls such as tennis balls or racket balls. Here’s what we purchased: Handballs

I suggest that this first term, you work on this with your kids 8 or 9 and up. Do this with them once per week for about 20 minutes! In the Lesson videos, we teach you how to do the first three exercises, so you could learn one for 3 weeks and then move on to the next. Doing a new one every three to four weeks this term!

Watch these videos to learn some of the ball exercises with my daughter and I. I am sorry my head got cut off.  Do your best and have fun!!  The balls are sometimes hard to work with and shall we say, “bouncy”!!

Try working on this for weeks 1-4 of the term.

Exercise 2 for weeks 5-8

Exercise 3 for weeks 9-11 or 12 if you don’t do exams the last week as Mason did.

You can use any of these Waltzes below to accompany your ball exercises this term!!

The first video is best to start with because it’s slower.  Any waltz music on the piano should be fine. You can try the exercises with orchestra music too if you’d like, the beat might just not always be as obvious or steady.

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