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Form 1 Syllabus of Physical Exercises (4-6 Tables), Marching Done to Music, House of Educ. Drills Joyous Book of Singing Games or Rhythmic Games and Dances (Eurhythmics)With British Marches for Schools  by Martin Shaw  (piano score) Skipping (Jump rope) Possibly to music

You can see in this chart that Form 1 did The Syllabus of Physical Exercises for Swedish Drill and that book contains marches in it and some musical games as well. Form 1 used a piano accompaniment book called British Marches for Schools.  As far as I can tell, this book would have been used to accompany the marches in the Drill book.  I don’t know what other use it would have had.  We hope to record the marching songs in the near future and do more research into how the marches in the Syllabus books were done along with the other Swedish Drill exercises. Then for Dancing, Musical games and even folks song and singing (see Singing Scope and Sequence) The Joyous book of Singing Games was used for the youngest children.  This allows the children to learn music by ear, like a language and to feel the rhythm and immerse themselves in the learning before going on to more technical training. Enjoy trying to March and move the beat as we continue to build more lessons and recordings for you in the coming years!

Musical Drill for Form 1 or other Musical Beginners

Skipping and Marching

(Older kids will also have fun with this)

Try doing this one day a week with your younger kids!

Listen carefully to the music. Find the beat and have your children skip (or skip rope) or march (or run, gallop, or dance when appropriate) to the beat. Some music lends itself better to skipping and some is better for Marching.  Try lots of different kinds of music! This will be good exercise! Mason’s Programmes included lots of skipping and marching to music for Drill in lower forms.

Here is a video to help you think through the difference between the Beat and the Rhythm if you need it!

Here are several suggestions to start with:


Listen to the differences in the music and try to march and skip when appropriate with my children:

Marching Music

Here are other songs you can play over the term and march and skip to.  Try taking it outside and do it in the yard in the fresh air!

British Marches:

American Marches:

Skipping Music

Try out the skipping song with my kids and then skip some more to the other songs provided! Find your own!


Listen to this playlist of different piano pieces and try to feel how your body wants to move to the beat of the music! Which type of movement suits the music best?

Here’s a fun way to show the beat and sounds of music with your body:

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