Term 2 – Lesson 2



Rain, Rain

Review the Song, Solfege Practice


Lesson Overview:


– “Rain, Rain”, 150 American Folk Songs (p. 3, #5) Working on La, Sol, Mi – Comfortable Starting Pitch: A

– Solfege Flash Cards,  LINK in Prep section (use flash cards to remind yourself how to do the hand signs)

– Paper and Marker for Part Three: Intermediate Extensions


In Lesson 2 we’re continuing on with Rain, Rain..  In Lesson 1 we learned the song  and explored the beat and the rhythm of the piece. This week we’ll learn about how to  incorporate Solfege into the song.!



  1. Preview the videos: Prior to teaching try looking ahead on Saturday or Sunday of the week you do each lesson!
  2. Print: If you don’t already have from term 2 – Solfege Hand Signs Flash Cards (LINK) ( I recommend you use card stock and print one off for each child as you will want a few sets for games later in the term)
  3. Advanced Students: Watch their videos and Print Free Staff Paper
  4. Watch: Introductory videos! If you haven’t already. I think they will really help you out!
  5. Starting pitch(note) for singing if you don’t have a piano: use this link!


Part One: Review the Song

Watch the Video and Echo with my son.


Part Two: Solfege Lesson

Here are the components included in the Video:

  1. Review Rain, Rain
  2. Sing tonal patterns – Echo with my daughter

The goal is to mentally hear the space between different pitches(or notes).  This is called the interval.

  1. Learn Solfege Hand signs and syllables. In Rain, Rain, the melody includes Sol, Mi and La   
  2. Use them to sing the melody of Rain, Rain.


Part Three: Intermediate Extension  

You will use Paper and Marker in this section to do some musical dictation.

Watch the Video together and participate in the activity.  Pause video midway through if you need to allow your student time to figure out the concepts as we go along.


Part Four:  Advanced Extension   

Watch:  Part 3: Intermediate Extension (above) and write down as you watch if needed. Then using that knowledge,  try and write the actual musical notation both with rhythm and notes on your own. Write your song in the key of C. with Sol being on G above middle C.  You can use plain paper or this  Free Staff Paper.  Only watch Part 4 A if you need help.  Try to do this on your own first!


Watch: Part 4 – A(ssistance) if you need help:

Watch the Video and participate in the activity.  Pause video midway through if you need to figure out the concepts as we go along.


Watch: Part 4 – B to check your work or check your work in the book on Page 3.  Yours will look a little different since you wrote in the Key of C.