Term 2 Lesson 4 Singing: Solfa



Little Sally Water

Review the Song, Solfege Practice


Prep and Materials: Lesson Overview:


– “LIttle Sally Water”, 150 American Folk Songs (p. 3, #6)  La, Sol, Mi – Comfortable Starting Pitch: A

– Solfege Flash Cards,  (use flash cards to remind yourself how to do the hand signs)

Solfege Ladder


  1. Preview: Videos if needed
  2. Print:  Solfege Hand Signs Flash Cards ( if needed – this lesson you can use these for your own reference)
  3. Print: Solfege Ladder
  4. Advanced Students: Watch Part two and please learn about the Solfege Ladder!
  5. Starting pitch(note) for singing if you don’t have a piano: use this link!


Part One: Review the Song

Watch the Video and Echo with my son.

Part Two: Solfege Lesson ( this is for all students this week to introduce the Solfege Ladder)

Here are the components included in Video 1:

  1. Introducing the Modulator or Solfege ladder
  2. Sing tonal patterns – Echo with my daughter
  3. Introducing the Solfege Laffer ( Print out)

Here are the components included in Video 2:

  1. Notice the parts of the Solfege Ladder
  2. Use the Ladder to Sing patterns
  3. SIng Little Sally Water with Solfege ladder.
  4. Assignment to try using the ladder with songs you already know.


No extra  Intermediate or Advanced lessons this week.  All students need to learn how to use the Solfege Ladder in the video from Part Two: Solfege Lesson (above) this week please. If it’s easy for them, challenge them to use the ladder to figure out songs they already know!