Term 2- Lesson 9, Singing: Sol-fa



Term Review: Rhythm


Prep And Materials:

  1. Read: Lesson ahead of time (if needed)
  2. Preview: Videos (if needed so you get the feel for where the lesson is going, but they are written so you can use them with your children)
  3. Print: Rhythm Pattern Document (same as past weeks)
  4. Intermediate/Advanced Print: (New) Hark the Bells


Part One: Review Rhythm Patterns  

Watch this video and have your children echo back the rhythm patterns  


Part Two: Finding longer rhythm patterns on your Rhythm page  

Test yourselves to see if you can find the rhythms on your Rhythm Pattern Document that you hear on the video!


Part Three: Writing Down Rhythms (Musical Dictation)

Follow the video and try to have your kids write down the rhythm themselves.


Part Four: Intermediate and Advanced Rhythm Review (Have older students make sure they can do Parts 1-3 first)

Please follow the lesson in the video and learn how to write down the rhythm and Solfege for the song Hark the Bells.