Term 2 – Lesson 1 Singing: Sol-fa


Term 2 LESSON 1

Rain, Rain

Learn the Song, Rhythm Practice


Prep and Materials:

– “Rain, Rain”, 150 American Folk Songs (p. 3, #5) Working on La, Sol, Mi – Comfortable Starting Pitch: A

– Intermediate Students (ages 7-9 and up who have taken music lessons a few years) Print out 2 Rhythm Documents in Prep section – Rhythm Patterns and Rain, Rain Rhythm

– Advanced Students ( Form 3-4 who have been taking lessons for quite awhile) Print out Free Staff Paper for the term

– Advanced Students need 333 Reading exercises

Your family will learn the song by ear and then we’ll work on the rhythm of the song.  If you have very young children stop at whatever point they seem to be stretched beyond what they can do or understand. Don’t push hard.  Make this lesson fun and enjoyable.

The 4th Section at the bottom of the lessons will either show  how you can extend this lesson further for an advanced musician or have them work on their sight singing skills with the 333 Sight Singing Exercise book. (Middle and High School)


  1. Parent should read through the lesson ahead of time and may want to also preview the videos so you get the feel for where the lesson is going, but they are written so you can use them right along with your children.
  2. Print: Rhythm Document
  3. Print: Rain, Rain Rhythm
  4. Print Staff Paper for Advanced students and have the pre-watch their Advanced video ( at the bottom of this lesson)
  5. If you haven’t watched the intro Videos, please watch them here first!  (LINK)
  6. Pre Watch: parent Notes for Intermediates


Part One: Learning the song

Please feel free to pause the movie until you have the song learned. Use your copy of 150 American Folk songs if needed.​


Part Two: Tapping the Rhythm with Rhythm Syllables Once you have done this portion, feel free to end here if you only have young Form 1 (1st and maybe 2nd grade) students.  Play with the song, try to tap the rhythm. Sing it and explore the beat with Drums, rhythm sticks (wooden spoons), Shakers, and Dancing.  Get the feel of the beat into your children.


If this portion is simple for your children because you have done a lot of music in your family, then you can use Part Three as well (below) to complete your 10-15 Minute weekly Sol-fa Lesson.  


Parent Notes for Intermediates

I have a Rhythm card I found online for Rain, Rain.  You could use this for intermediate or Advanced Students to have them try to read or dictate the Rhythm of the piece.  I have a short video to explain the two Documents. An older student could watch this, but it’s mostly for you as a parent to understand the documents.

Insert Rhythm Discussion


Part Three: Extension for Intermediate Children (For Students who have already done some music lessons and sight reading. )

Basic rhythm reading.  USE NOTATION CARD THAT YOU PRINTED from above or from last term! We will sing the song and explore the rhythm as written music and also do some rhythm drills with syllables. Six-year-olds who are learning to read books right now in school  might be excited and ready to try this activity.  It’s not hard and pretty fun, but will also take practice.  My son in the video is 6 and he got the hang of it with a bit of repetition!


Don’t expect perfection!  Just do your best together. Have them follow the music with their finger if needed.


Part Four: Advanced Extension

Just a reminder: Some advanced lessons may take up a little more time and can be done at the end of the family lesson for 5 extra minutes or in the afternoon time for 5 minutes twice per week. Students who have had many private instrumental lessons may be able to do advanced lessons independently at their own pace.


Get your 333 Lesson book out, but don’t open.  Follow along with the video. Pause the video every time I tell you too and echo back from memory. Make sure you listen carefully.  

If you need more help wit the process go back first and watch the two advanced videos in Program 2 Week 11 in the Sol-fa lessons and you can even go back and review exercises 1-19 from term 2 if