Sample Lessons for Drill

We hope that these Sample Lessons will help you see how varied Drill can be!  Drill included at least Swedish and Musical Drill, Dancing and Games – Athletic and musical. More lessons like this will be included with Membership!

My focus on this music site is to offer the Musical Elements of Drill.  Dawn Duran has a nice blog post and a new e-book about how to implement formal Swedish Drill that doesn’t use music in your homes.

Musical Games for Form 1

Mason used Formal Drill tables from the Syllabus of Physical Execises in Form 1.  The programmes also included Rhthymic Games and Dances as well as singing games in Form 1.  Marching Drills to music, skipping or jumping rope to the musical beat and other games were also done.

Musical Drill for Forms 2 – 4

In Form 2 some programmes still included Musical/Singing Games, but for the most part, the students were doing Swedish and Musical Drill/Marching Drill in the mornings and Dancing and Games or Sports in the Afternoons. Skipping rope is still on the programmes as well. Below we have included the first three lessons from the book Mason used for many years, Ball Games and Breathing Exercises, which is a musical drill book.  More Videos and written lessons and scans of this book and others will be included in the membership lessons.

Marching Drills and Dancing to Music

Dancing was done in the mornings for Form 1 and Afternoons for Form 2 and up.  Marching Drills were included in the Formal Swedish Drill tables, but Mason instructs for the younger children to march to music.  Here are a few sample teaching videos to help you see how you can begin with your children in fun and simple way!