Beginner’s Guide

Miss Mason’s Music Beginner’s Guide

Welcome!  I am so glad you are here! A friend recommended a Beginner’s Guide for those of you who are either new to music teaching or new to and would benefit from a little guide through the site so you can begin confidently! So here it is!


  1. The website has free information for everyone on CM principles and practices (Scope and Sequence)  and then paying members have access to Lesson plans, videos, and pdf’s of original PNEU living books about music.
  2. Each subject heading at the top of the site will take you to 4 places.
    • Principles for each of the 4 main musical subjects.
    • A Historical, and still useful, Scope and Sequence of when and how each subject was taught. This also will include books that the PNEU used to teach these subjects.
    • Sample Lessons, which are free.  Please share these with friends so they can learn more about the site! ‘
    • Lessons – Only available to Paying members. Beta membership is currently $15.
      • Under Singing Lessons you will find:
        Solfa, Folksongs, resources for foreign language songs, and hymns/recitation.
      • Under Drill Lessons you will find:
        Lesson ideas for Musical Drill, Dancing and Musical Games to use each term.
      • Under Music Appreciation you will find:
        Composer Study guides as well as links to books the PNEU used for older forms for music history. Suggested Reading schedules for Older Forms’ books are coming soon.
      • Under Instrumental Music you will find:
        Suggestions for Piano Study as well as some video lessons for Drumming. This has been the last thing for me to research, so piano/instrumental guides and videos will come at a later date, but hopefully the info there now can be helpful to get you started.    
  1. I suggest that you read the Principles and Scope and Sequence page for each of the four musical subjects.  I also suggest you read the page called Scheduling your Lessons, in the drop down menus under Welcome. Those pages will help you understand the principles and practices Mason was using and will help you think about how to fit these 4 subjects into your school schedule. Once you have decided on your school schedule, you should be able to jump right in and use the lessons during the day when you prefer with your kids. I hope most of the videos are user friendly and will allow you and your children to watch and participate along with my kids. Lessons also will suggest books you can read and narrate, when appropriate.   As you have more time, you can go back and read more on the website and research further on your own.
  2. Please remember that it’s ok to take baby steps and add things as you are able.  There is a lot of information on the website and I don’t want anyone to be overwhelmed. Maybe start with one subject that you feel most comfortable teaching and then add a new one each term until you are doing most of the music subjects.
  3.  I am still researching and I will make mistakes, so please don’t ever hesitate to contact me with concerns or questions using either the website’s contact us button on the main Welcome page or by e-mailing me at [email protected].   Also, feel free to join us on Facebook at Miss Mason’s Music as well and join in the discussion or ask questions there.