Term 2- Lesson 10, Singing: Sol-fa



Term Review: Solfege


Prep And Materials:

  1. Read: Lesson ahead of time (if needed)
  2. Preview: Videos (if needed so you get the feel for where the lesson is going, but they are written so you can use them with your children)


Part One: Review Tonal (Pitch) Patterns  

Watch and Echo without my children this time!   


Part Two: Reviewing Solfege and inner Hearing  

The goal for learning solfege is to develop inner hearing.  That means that a student can hear notes ( the tune or pitch) inside their head without a piano assisting them.  This lesson might prove hard for some youngsters, but give it a try.  It’s about 10 minutes so that can complete your review for this week.  If your child seems to really get this, please do the intermediate/advanced lesson (Part Three) with them, which will ask them to sight read some tonals patterns on their own without me singing them first.


If you don’t understand, or if you  don’t get it at first,  try again or please reach out for help! [email protected]


Part Three: Sight Singing Tonal Patterns – Extension for Intermediate/Advanced Children

Have older children try these lessons.  You might be impressed.  If they get stuck, I give the answers, but have them do their best and be encouraging!