Term 2 – Lesson 3



Little Sally Water

Learn the Song, Rhythm Practice


Prep And Materials:

– “LIttle Sally Water”, 150 American Folk Songs (p. 3, #6)  La, Sol, Mi – Comfortable Starting Pitch: A

Drums or Rhythm Sticks or Wooden spoons

  1. Read: Lesson ahead of time (if needed)
  2. Preview: Videos (if needed so you get the feel for where the lesson is going, but they are written so you can use them right along with your children. )

      3.Intermediate Print: Updated Rhythm Document    (same as week 1)

  1. Intermediate Print: Little Sally Water Rhythm (New)
  2. Advanced Print: Free Staff Paper  and Pre-watch their Advanced video (at the bottom of this lesson)
  3. If you haven’t watched the Intro Videos, please watch them here first!  
  4. DON’T Miss the Musical Games that go along with some of these Solfa lessons.  You can find them on the Drill Lessons Page for term 2 to go along with these songs.


Part One: Learning the song

Please feel free to pause the video or rewatch until you have the song learned. Use your copy of 150 American Folk songs if needed.​

Part Two: Tapping the Rhythm with Rhythm Syllables Once you have done this portion, feel free to end here if you only have young Form 1 (1st and maybe 2nd grade) students.  Play with the song, try to tap the rhythm. Sing it and explore the beat with Drums, rhythm sticks (wooden spoons), Shakers, and Dancing.  Get the feel of the beat into your children.


If this portion is simple for your children because you have done a lot of music in your family, then you can use Part Three as well (below) to complete your 10-15 Minute weekly Sol-fa Lesson.  


Part Three:  Basic Rhythm Reading – Extension for Intermediate Children

USE Little Sally Water Rhythm that you printed from above.  We will sing the song and explore the rhythm as written music and also do some rhythm drills with syllables. Don’t expect perfection!  Just do your best together. Have them follow the music with their finger if needed.


Part Four: Advanced Students Rhythm Dictation

Watch the first minute of the video below and the pause it and go watch the video from Part one above!!  

Dictate: Try to figure out how the rhythm should be written for Little Sally Water.  Then you can watch the rest of the Video to check yourself or if you need help feel free to watch it. Then you can watch Part 3 and check yourself with the Little Sally Water Rhythm document .