Term 2- Lesson 8, Singing: Sol-fa



A Tisket, A Tasket

Review the Song, Solfege Practice


Prep and Materials: Lesson Overview:


– “A Tisket, A Tasket”, 150 American Folk Songs (p. 4, #8) La, Sol, Mi – Comfortable Starting Pitch: A

– Solfege Flash Cards,  (use flash cards to remind yourself how to do the hand signs)

Solfege Ladder

Week 7 and 8 Intermediate Rhythm and Solfege Notation  Notation from week 7


  1. Preview: Videos if needed
  2. Print:  Solfege Hand Signs Flash Cards ( if needed – this lesson you can use these for your own reference)
  3. Print: Solfege Ladder and Week 7 and 8 Intermediate Rhythm and Solfege Notation Notation ( if you don’t have them from pat weeks)
  4. Advanced Students: Watch Part 3
  5. Starting pitch(note) for singing if you don’t have a piano: use this link!


Part One: Review the Song


Part Two: Learning to hear the Melody: Solfege Lesson

Here are the components included in the Videos :

  1. First Video: Review the Modulator or Solfege ladder and Sing some patterns to warm up

2. Second Video: Figure out the Solfege for A Tisket, A Tasket.  Pause the Video after each section and try to figure out the solfege ladder alone.  Then you can echo with my daughter.


Part 3: Intermediate/ Advanced extension  All older students need to learn how to use the solfege notation in the video here this week please.

This is a simplified notation that can assist with Sight singing, so although it might seem simple to an advanced student, please have them learn how to read this musical notation! It will get harder as the years go on.  So it’s important to have a solid foundation.