Lesson 10 – Singing: Sol-fa



Review the Songs, Solfege Practice


Lesson Overview:


– 150 American Folk Songs (p. 1-2)

– Solfege Flash Cards

– Staff Paper or plain paper for Advanced Students

– Kodaly’s 333 Reading exercises for Advanced Students (extension found at the bottom of this lesson)

This is a Sol-Fa Review Week.  Please sing all four of our terms’ songs, Hot Cross Buns, The Boatman, Hop Old Squirrel, and The Closest Key. Then do the Sol-fa Activity.



  • Have your Advanced Student pre-read their lesson and write their lesson ahead of time for you to use in your lessons this week.  (found at the beginning of this lesson)
  1. If you don’t have an advanced student exercises will be provided for you.
  2. Teacher may want to preview the videos prior to teaching with your kids so you know what to expect. Try looking ahead on Saturday or Sunday of the week you do each lesson!

Advanced extension – Your Advanced Student’s lesson will be used for the family lesson this week, so please have them do their assignment first!!

If you are still working at your own pace through the sight singing 333 Reading exercise book, please finish those up and check yourself with past lesson videos.  

This week’s Lesson Assignment: MUSICAL COMPOSITION. Use your staff paper and write a few music examples that your parents or siblings can try to sing in this lesson.   Only use Mi, Re, and Do.  If you write in the Key of C then the 3 notes you can use are E, D, and C. (you can use your 333 Reading Exercise book for ideas).  Write the music simply so that a younger child learning the solfege hand signs can see that music steps up or down and maybe you can help them figure out how to read the music. 


If you need help see the image below..

Part One Family Activity: Review All 4 Songs with us!

Please sing all four of our terms’ songs: Hot Cross Buns, The Boatman, Hop Old Squirrel, and The Closest Key.


Part Two Family Activity: Solfege reading

If you have an Advanced Student, please use their compositions to practice reading their Solfege Exercises.  They should have written only Mi, Re and Do.  If you don’t have an advanced Student, then some exercises have been provided for you below.

Exercises for Practice:

Please look at the picture below or print the image off and have your children follow along with their finger and try to say the patterns.  If you have young children and this is too small, feel free to write them larger with a marker on plain paper so they can see them better.  You can copy from this image. You can also just write the letters M, R, And D to represent the solfege sounds for From 1b if the notes overwhelm them. Another option is for you to make up short patterns with your Sol-fa flashcards on the floor and then sing them together using only Mi, Re and Do as we have used in our 4 songs this term. Make sure you use your hand signs. I have provided an example in a video as well.