Musical Games Term 3

We will be doing songs 1-6 from Joyous Books of Singing Games. Click on the book to print desired pages!  This book was used in Form 1 for both folksongs and musical drill, so I suggest singing these songs multiple days per week to learn them well and then if you desire, go through others songs as well as time permits.

Week 1-2: M-O For Maudie-O

Video coming soon!

Week 3-4: The Mulberry Bush

Week 5-6: Can You Show Me How the Farmer


Week 7-8: Bunny’s Accident

Week 9-10: Fair Rosie


Week 11-12: The Yule Log ( I apologize, my camera ran out of batteries mid-way through this song.  We hope to re-record it, but until then, I hope this gets you started on learning the song!)