Ten Minutes’ Lessons in Sight Singing – Lesson 1

Welcome to uncharted territory.  I don’t believe this book has been used in Mason’s schools since it went out of print back around the late 1920’s.  But it’s a lovely book for beginning to learn how to sing, train your ear, and sight-read.  Each person who pursues this study with diligence will come through with better musicianship and literacy, including the parents and teachers!  Enjoy the journey!

Lesson 1 – Learning to match pitch

Feel free to print the pages for Lesson One or read them online.

Introduction to Ten Minutes’ Lessons

Lesson 1 – Music

Lesson 1 – Teacher’s Instructions

Watch the lesson video and participate along with the lesson with your kids. Then practice the concepts for the next few lessons ( about 2 weeks, 1-3 times per week for about 15-20 minutes – you can also sing your folk songs and foreign language songs during that time) until you feel you have some basic mastery. Then move on to lesson 2.  You should try to cover about 6 lessons from the book Ten Minutes’ Lessons in Sight Singing each term.